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When it comes to enjoying authentic and quality Thakali cuisine with family and friends, the place to hit is T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar!

T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar is a part of T3 Thakali Group. Currently, the group owns 4 outlets at 4 popular destinations in the valley, namely Airport T3 (Pipalbot, outside Tribhuwan International Airport), inside Airport T3 (New Parking, inside Tribhuwan International Airport), B&B T3 (beside B&B Hospital), Grandy T3 (infront of Grande International Hospital). This makes it very convenient to Kathmandu dwellers to find a good plate of Thakali fiesta at reasonable price anywhere inside the valley.

A welcoming homely ambiance and well-furnished space, T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar is the perfect destination for you to enjoy a nice sumptuous spreads with your friends and family. As it is not only the real Thakali taste that you get to enjoy there, it is also the typical Thakali culture that is at display, from the hospitality to the utensils to the interiors and the feel.
Visit T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar and enjoy the unique, wholesome and heart-warming taste of authentic Thakali cuisine and its other popular dishes like Yak Sukuti, Daal, Fapar ko Dhindo, delivered within minutes after you place your order.

Enjoy Thakali cuisine made from ingredients that are organically farmed at (Lete) Mustang!

Since 2010

Our Story

Started in 2010, T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar is one of the most popular eateries in Kathmandu valley, reputed for its taste, hygiene and fast-service. Its popularity can be understood by its progress rate, 4 outlets in just 6 years of starting the business. It is run by Mr. Bibek Tulachan Thakali and his two brothers- Prabek & Abhishek. And so the name "T3 Thakali" is apt with T for Tulachan (Thakali) and 3 denoting the brothers.

The three Tulachan brothers belong to the Thakali community of Mustang, the place and culture to which the Thakali cuisine belongs to. Hence there is no doubt that the T3 brothers are the best people to bring the authentic delicious taste of Thakali food to Kathmandu people.

Man Behind The Success of
T3 Thakali

T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar has earned the reputation for offering the true essence of rich Thakali flavor and culture in its servings. This is the fruit of the dedication and hard work of T3 team. CEO of T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar, Mr. Bibek Tulachan is a young entrepreneur of today's time. He is an EMBA graduate who left a secure job in an American bank in India to start a restaurant of his own.

It's because to Bibek and his team, the Thakali cuisine is a pride of his community, and are strongly passionate and committed to popularize the real Thakali taste. That is why when numerous Thakali restaurants mushroomed in the valley, most of them failing to do justice in offering the authentic taste of the cuisine, the team made the effort to revive the true essence of Thakali food.

T3 Thakali is ready to delight your taste buds!

T3 Thakali: original taste of Thakali households.

Mr. Bibek Tulachan

Chairman, T3 Thakali Group

T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar

A welcoming homely ambiance and well furnished space, T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar is the perfect destination for you to enjoy a nice sumptuous spreads with your friends and family.


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Choose your food and your spot before you reach the restaurant . Please check our menu to see what you would like to eat and place the order. The food will be made ready as per your order for the given time.

You can also make reservations of the table you would like to sit with your family and friend and enjoy the original taste of tasty Thakali food at T3 Thakali Bhansa Ghar.

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Krishna devi Tulachan

Honorary Head Chef

Prabek Tulachan

Co-founder/ MD

Abhishek Tulachan

Co-founder/ COO

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Main: Airport, Kathmandu
Gwarko, Lalitpur
Tokha Road, Kathmandu Nepal
TIA Parking (Opening Soon)


Main (Airport): 977 1 4499018

Gwarko: 977 1 5534344

Tokha Road: 977 1 5159324